Q.  What is the thickness of your pieces?  

A.  Each piece is 3mm thick for cast acrylic and wood veneer.  For acrylic blanks, we will stock 2mm and 3mm.  


Q.  How many pieces can fit in a lettermail photo mailer envelope?

A.  Roughly 12-14 packages are able to fit.  Assume that each piece is in one package.


Q.  How many pieces can fit in a flat rate box? 

A.  If you have a crafty friend that would like to split shipping costs with you, this would be the best choice (or if you would like to fill the box yourself - we won't judge).  The largest pieces on average are 4-5" wide.  The weight limit is 11 lbs and the items are usually lightweight.  The box size is 10 3/8 inches x 14 inches x 2 1/8 inches for small flat rate, and 15 3/8 inches x 10 1/4 inches x 4 3/4 inches for medium flat rate.  


Q.  Where do you ship to?

A.  We will ship within Canada only.  On checkout, you will be prompted with the choices of photomailer or flat rate box.  As mentioned, a photomailer can only fit so many items before it becomes a parcel.  Please review your order to see how many items you have in your cart and choose the appropriate selection.  If the wrong option is selected, the order will not be processed and we will contact you to correct. 


Q.  Do you work on custom projects?

A.  Yes.  We will go back and forth with you to ensure that what you have as a vision in your head can be created.   A detailed quote will be provided before starting the project and the customer needs to approve the quote before any work begins.  A customer laser work agreement will also be written up to ensure quality control and clear communication of project details.  Updates will be provided for timeline.  

Q.  What is your deadline for custom orders for the Christmas season?  

A.  November 15th is the deadline to submit any custom orders.  This allows enough time to acquire any needed supplies and for delivery times if needed.